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We are a family-run business based in the North of England, operating public sessions in North Tyneside as well as delivering private hire services across Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Durham. Events in other areas are also considered by special arrangement.


Mobile laser tag is a great way to celebrate any occasion in a fun and active way. The game is played using a 'gun only' system inside a large inflatable arena which can be set up indoors or outside*, preferably within 40m of a mains power supply.


With our 28' x 32' inflatable arena we can bring fun and laughter to events for all ages from 5 upwards, including the biggest of kids! Also, as Laser Tag operates by infrared light detection and is a non-contact game, it does not carry the risk of injury associated with paintballing or other similar activities!

*Outdoor events may be affected by adverse weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rain.

Due to health & safety regulations (and common sense!), the equipment cannot be used in high winds or persistant, heavy rain. In the event of light rain or drizzle, we can normally continue to provide activities, however this is entirely at the discretion of the operator.

Please Note; in damp/muddy conditions, participants will normally be required to remove all footwear before entering the arena.

As a general rule, indoor events will not normally be affected by the weather (although we cannot be held responsible for circumstances affecting your venue).

Our mobile system can be used indoors or out and is supplied with audio equipment. All we need is a flat area of a minimum of 40' square (13m x 13m) to use the full '9 pod' arena.

For smaller venues we can reduce the size of the arena to 6 'pods', requiring approximately 30' x 40' (9m x 13m).

2-Hyper use the Q2000 'gun only' system allowing freedom of movement and a 'harder target' in the confines of the inflatable arena. The guns are light weight and simple to use, making them ideal for all ages.

2-Hyper is a member of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance and carry full PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE (inc. Licenced Premises)



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